If use of nuclear power continues, will there be enough uranium?

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In the latter case, or even if programmes only gather momentum again after a significant delay, the question will arise as to whether supplies of the raw material of nuclear fuel, uranium, will be sufficient to supply an expanding nuclear power industry into the indefinite future.

2 thoughts on “If use of nuclear power continues, will there be enough uranium?”

  1. Suggestion,
    A mention to the potentially profitable Donegal-based uranium ore body, within this section, wouldn’t go amiss, especially if it would bolster Ireland’s energy independence credentials. Along with in-situ extraction techniques that could be used to make the “mining” process have a minimal impact on people and the surroundings.

    1. Hi Tom,

      Consider it mentioned via your comment.

      Of course, Ireland (as well as not permitting the construction or connection of nuclear fission plants) has refused licence to even explore for Uranium – on the basis that any product could be used for activities which are forbidden here. An example of the sometimes-misguided policies of the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan when Minister for Energy a few years ago.

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