We are fortunate to have so much useful information about all aspects of nuclear energy already available on the internet. We include links to the best of the available websites below – please let us know if you feel any topic is overlooked or could be expanded upon.

In the meantime, you can learn from games and other learning material on our Simulators page.

You will find information on the type of reactor that could suit Ireland on our Reactors page.

And here is one view of the future of Nuclear from a 2015 article in The Economist magazine.

Links to further learning:

Introduction to all things Nuclear

Different types of nuclear reactor

Advanced nuclear reactors


  1. Electricity Regulation Act, Section 18 – Section 18(6) does not allow the use of nuclear fission

  2. Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006 – Section 37K does not authorise nuclear fission installations

  3. S.I. 575/2011 – Section 4 does not permit the storage of CO2 in or around Ireland

  4. National Electricity Association of Ireland (NEAI)represents the electricity sector in Ireland

  5. Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII)

  6. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

  7. BENE submission to 2014 Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland


  1. Aker Solutions – Thorium 600 MW Reactor wins Energy award

  2. ANS –  American Nuclear Society

  3. B&W 180 MW – Babcock and Wilcox small reactor

  4. Brave New ClimateIndependent communication of the science of climate change

  5. British Nuclear Society

  6. EFN – Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy

  7. European Utility Requirements

  8. Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

  9. Hiroshima Syndrome – Exploding the myths about nuclear power, Fukushima, Waste, etc.

  10. IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency

  11. IFNEC – the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation

  12. Nuclear Tourist

  13. NEA – Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD)

  14. SFEN – French Nuclear Energy Society

  15. Sone – Supporters of Nuclear Energy (UK)

  16. Things Worse Than Nuclear Power – a mine of useful and interesting information

  17. Uranium Resources, Production and Demand – from the IAEA

  18. US Nuclear Energy Foundation

  19. WANO – World Association of Nuclear Operators

  20. Westinghouse 225 MWsmall reactor from Westinghouse

  21. What is Nuclear – No-nonsense public education on the use of nuclear energy

  22. World Nuclear Association

Fossil Fuels

  1. BP – British Petroleum

  2. Oilcrash – A New Zealand site concerned about peak oil

  3. OPEC – Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

  4. Peak Oil – an Irish site, Association for Study of Peak Oil and Gas


  1. American Energy Independence

  2. Energy Pulse – Insight, Analysis and Commentary on the Global Power Industry

  3. Electricity saving – The Netherlands

  4. EIA – US Energy Information Administration

  5. The Oil Drum

  6. Sustainable Energy without the hot air – Must-read FREE pdf book about sustainable energy

Health Issues

  1. Chernobyl Tissue Bank – Examining exposure to radioiodine in childhood

  2. ICRP – International Commission for Radiological Protection

  3. ICRU – International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements

  4. IRPA – International Radiation Protection Association

  5. UNSCEAR – United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation

The Environment

  1. An TAISCE – Ireland

  2. Power of One – Ireland

  3. Real Climate – Climate change information for people at all levels of awareness

Useful web documents

  1. Study into low-carbon options for Ireland – POYRY study for EirGrid

  2. Ireland’s Low-Carbon Opportunity Study – McKinsey study for SEAI

  3. Technical Annex – to the above SEAI report

  4. UK study in 2006 – for the UK Government

  5. review of many reports – on emissions, from international Governments and universities

  6. 2008 International Disaster and Risk Conference

  7. Wind power generation analytical report, 2007 update – from EirGrid

  8. Renewable Energy in Ireland 2011 – from SEAI


  1. An excellent nuclear reactor simulator from Dalton Nuclear – try it, it’s fun!

  2. Another great nuclear reactor simulator – a bit more complex, but really good!

  3. Plot your own pathway to 2050 – a very detailed simulation of how YOU would meet UK’s target

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