Spreading climate hope…

So much commentary about fighting climate change is focussed on how hard it will be and how much it will cost and come with dire warnings about how we are still likely to miss our emissions reduction targets.

So, we’ve decided to get out and about around the country to let people know how nuclear energy, and particularly small modular reactors, can play a really important role in reducing emissions with minimal disruption to the environment – and at lower cost if we go about it in the right way!

The first of these talks was held in April 2019 in Clonmel and was attended by around 35 local people with an interest in improving air quality while preserving the scenic beauty of their local area. It was followed by a really good and lively discussion in which any lingering questions were teased out.

Most people left with a clearer idea of how Ireland can reduce emissions in an affordable manner by combining nuclear energy with our existing pylons and overhead cable network, avoiding the need for extra infrastructure where it is least acceptable. This message was particularly appealing to those who oppose running pylons through areas of outstanding natural beauty, as well as those concerned about wind turbines, solar farms and battery banks being placed in inappropriate locations.

And almost everybody was surprised to find that all these benefits could be supplied much more effectively by using nuclear energy and at substantially lower cost than by following our current national emissions reduction plan.

Please contact us by email (info@bene.ie) if you would like us to present a talk in your area.

The sample presentation is available for download here: