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There’s some fun stuff out there to help us learn more about Nuclear or about energy in general. Here’s a selection of our favourites, but please let me know if you find any others that people may find interesting.

SIMULATORS This is a fun way to find out how nuclear power stations work. It’s an excellent nuclear reactor simulator from the Dalton Nuclear Institute at Manchester University:

Nuclear simulator - Dalton

Here’s another great simulator to learn a bit more about nuclear plants:

VIDEOS Watch a youtube video about the NuScale Small Modular Reactor:

Click to Enlarge


INFOGRAPHIC Here’s an infographic showing a comparison of the land required to produce electricity using nuclear against that required for the same power from wind. That’s one nuclear power plant compared to 2077 wind turbines. This is just for information, as the land on most wind farms remains useful for other purposes, but it is a powerful image of the much higher energy density of nuclear compared to wind. The graphic comes from the Nuclear Cafe section of the American Nuclear Society’s website – there’s lots of interesting stuff there so it’s well worth a look around!

This is a youtube version of the same comparison. It is worth a look to get a good idea of the scales involved:

Next is a really clever animation explaining Ocean Acidification, useful for further explaining the need to lower emissions. It is suitable for all ages from about age 12 up:

Tracking Clean Energy Progress examines the progress of a variety of clean energy technologies towards interim 2°C scenario targets in 2025. Follow the link and click on any of the technologies to find out more – here’s how things stood in May 2017:

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